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Jump Your Shadow: Doing Brave Things in a Broken World

Grace Thomas

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of England

Photo Journal
by Grace Thomas
Day 1: Travel Day
We begin our journey at the San Diego Airport! After two flights that totaled
14 hours...we finally arrive in England!
The people in Oxford are very superstitious and a lot of them believe in ghosts. Here is Dead Man's Walk. Soldiers who rebelled or men who didn't want to become a soldier were shot here at dawn during the English Civil War.
Day 2:Ghost Tour
Pagans sometimes go to Stonehenge to worship. They also believe that nature is their god and that everyone is one gender. Weird! There are also some strange theories on how Stonehenge came to exist. Such as, Merlin had a Giant build the structure for him, or Aliens appeared and set it there, or even the Devil put it there himself. I think the most reasonable theory is that a lot of men built it together.
What would you want people to
remember about you?
Day 3:
1. I love God, my family, and that
I served Him well.
2. A great veterinarian that cares
for animals and their owners.
3. A person who loves to listen,
appreciate, and play music.

Doing Brave Things
In A Broken World
Jump Your Shadow
People are afraid to jump their shadow because they have forgotten what is important and what is not. They are afraid, they have no support from others, or they don't see any opportunities.
How to Look for
Hang out with smart people
Write down things that surprise you
Journal about problems and possibilities
And be open to unusual things
The Rider
and the
Rider = Intellect Elephant = Emotions

Our emotions are much bigger than our intellect decisions. First, you have to get control of your elephant, then it will go in the direction you want it to go.
Truth vs. Emotion
When you know the truth, your emotions can follow the truth. Today in our culture, a lot of people say that the important part is our feelings, and because of that, our elephants have become fatter and fatter, making them harder to control. We must get our emotions to submit to truth so we can guide them.
How to Gain Control Over Your Emotions
Clear a path for your elephant
When you know where you're going,
your emotions control you less
Remember that God is a God of purpose!
Jump Your Shadow:
Day 4: London
Westminster Abbey
Big Ben was cast on
April 10, 1858; the clock tower started working on May 31, 1859; and Big Ben first chimed the hour on July 11, 1859. The building is called the clock tower, and the giant bell inside
is called Big Ben.
Buckingham Palace was built in 1702. It has 775 rooms,which included 19 state rooms, 52 Royal
and guest bedrooms,
188 staff bedrooms,92
offices, and 78 bathrooms.
The Palace was named
after the Duke of
Buckingham in 1703.
He built Buckingham
Palace for himself as a
grand London home.
It is now home to the
Royal Family.
Day 5: Interviews
During our stay in Oxford, we interviewed different people about who was their hero. One of them said Jesus, others said their parents, the military, and people who fight cancer. We asked them how they wanted to be remembered in 100 years. Some said they wanted to be remembered as a great mom, or writing a really good book, or that they fought for their country.
Tea, the most typical of all English drinks. Although the custom of drinking tea dates back to China (BC),
it was not until the mid 17th century that the beverage first appeared in England.
Jump Heroes
David Livingstone
Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Abdul Sattar Edhi

The Art of
Leaving a Legacy
Be everywhere
Be the best at something
Start something
Write something
Give something
Connect with others
Your Jump Team
Skill and experience
Problem solver
How to Get Back Up
When you mess up, own it
Once you recognize the mistake and take responsibility for it,
do your best to make things right again
Accept the consequences that come with making mistakes
Don't keep making mistakes over and over again
Pick yourself up and jump again!
When You Fall While
Jumping Your Shadow
Day 6: Stratford-upon-Avon
Day 7:
Travel Home
William Shakespeare's Home
William Shakespeare was born in Stratford on April 23, 1564. While he was growing up, his father was a glove maker, which made his family wealthy. Shakespeare was also very interested whenever his mother told him stories, which gave him many ideas to write different plays. All of his plays were performed at the Globe Theater in London.
Stratford lies on the River Avon, 22 miles southeast of Birmingham. It is the most populous town of the non-metropolitan district. Stratford has many shops, museums, and different cafes to eat.
The estimate population is about 25,505.
Jolly Good Trip!
Works Cited:
David Livingstone:
Born in March 19, 1813 Died in May 1, 1873
This man is probably the most famous
shadow jumper. When he grew up, he
jumped his shadow and traveled to Africa
to spread the Gospel. Despite all of the
diseases that he was exposed to, he brought
many people to Christ. He is now
buried at Westminster Abbey.
The Abbey has been the coronation
church since 1066 and is where some
of the most significant people in the
nation's history are buried or
commemorated. Westminster is also
a Anglican church.
London is widely believed to be the culture capital of the world, although this title is disputed with a number of other cities internationally. The city is also home to many nationalities and the diversity of cultures have shaped the city's culture over time.
These guys were not afraid to stand up and jump their shadow

All photos by Grace Thomas :)
Designed and constructed in the 1800's, the bridge opened for public use in 1892. It took over 50 designs and 8 years to find a satisfactory design. Though it looks like its been constructed of stone,the bridge's framework is constructed of more than 11,000 tons of steel!
The Tower of London
Choosing the right people
to help you jump. People with:
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