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My Top 10 Facts- Messer 1-2, clothing and fashion

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Wendy Roh

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of My Top 10 Facts- Messer 1-2, clothing and fashion

TOP TEN FACTS: CLOTHING AND FASHION 1. In Medieval times, the people wore clothes that were made out of fur, linen, or fiber found inside flax plants. 2. Linen or woolen tunics were the basis of dress for the people. Rulers wore long under-tunics with a looser and shorter tunic. It was embroidered with gold, and was made from silk SHOES Noblewomen wore soft types of shoes, or embroidered linen People also wore shoes that had a long point at the front. JEWELRY Men and women wore jewelry.
For example: brooches They fastened their cloaks at the shoulders with these. MAKEUP Women's makeup contained
dangerous substances like white lead and mercury This led to wrinkled skin,
and even early death :/ Clothing matched each part of society (ex. monks, preists, nobles, etc) THE END
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