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A MBA as your next Career Step

Nyenrode Business University & Together Abroad, A MBA as your next Career Step

Together Abroad

on 31 August 2013

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Transcript of A MBA as your next Career Step

Northern Netherlands
East Netherlands
Province of Flevoland
Province of Utrecht
North Holland North
Amsterdam Metropolitan Area
Port of Amsterdam
West Holland
City of Rotterdam
Province of Zeeland
Province of North Brabant
Province of Limburg
Provinces/Regions of The Netherlands
Employment in The Netherlands
after your MBA

In 2012
170 new International Companies
5166 jobs were created
58% MBA level

Company career sites
Bizdirectories and company spot sites
World trade centers
Investement companies
Chambers of commerces

Commercial jobsites
General/ niche job boards
CV database
search agents
Data protection
Jobs per RSS
Not required to register email address
RSS job search feed:
When a job is posted which matches your criteria a message is sent to you
Publishes content directly to subscriber
To receive: RSS reader

Job Search Engines
Online Networking
Portals for internationals: Leforum.nl, Expatica, Iamexpat, Justlanded, Xpatmedia, Dutch news, Dutch daily news, etc
Social networks: Linkedin, Facebook, My Space, Youtube, Marktplaats, etc

CV/ resume your golden ticket towards your new career!
Recruitment agencies
Temporary placement (uitzenden): temporary contract
Recruitment and selection (werving & selectie): direct placement
Secondment (detachering): project-based contract
Executive/ Headhunters: direct placement of top-level candidates
Why an MBA?

6 steps of Choosing a MBA

MBA Grads Switching Careers

Nyenrode Business University/Together Abroad

A MBA as your next
Career Step!

Career Switch
MBA Grads entering
a new industries

2010: 52 %
2011: 55 %

64% of MBAs graduated in 2012 entered a new industry
Flat Job Market employer hires candidates who is the exact fit.
Companies are willing again to take management-level hires relevant-thought not direct industry experience.
Strong indicator of a improving MBA Job Market
MBA Grads from top institutions
Remains one of the strongest ways to change industries or job functions

Salaries for switchers are often higher or able to negotiate with employer

Popular Industries from MBA Grads last year
Popular; Managing Consulting, IT, Food,
Health Care / Life Science & Finance

Less popular; Public Sector, Nonprofit

Bureau of Labour Statistics expects
the number of Management Consulting
jobs to increase 22% between
1.Is an MBA the right choice?
Traditional MBAs, specialized MBAs, Masters
of Science, Masters of Arts are amongst the options that you will encounter as you look for management related studies. Explore different types of programs.

In case you decide that an MBA is the right option for you, look into the different formats and decide whether you will like to pursue a full-time ( Int. MBA), part-time ( Executive MBA) or modular one.
2.Where and why?
should I pursue an MBA in my home country
or should I get follow an MBA abroad?

Look into details such as the economy and culture
of the country, career opportunities after
graduation, language, immigration policies and
you can not forget the social aspects
of the country.

If you decide to move to another country,
the investment has to pay off from a personal, academic and professional perspective.
3.Your new home away from home

Finding a the right university requires patience as you
need to find the perfect match.
It is important to know the reputation of the university
within the country and abroad together with its
accreditations and philosophy.

You need to feel at ease with the university since it
will become your new home away from home.
4.Money talks
Remember to look into your finances when defining the right MBA and the right university.

It is important for you to consider living costs, immigration process costs, tuition fees and even the ‘having fun’ costs. Many universities offer different scholarship opportunities.

Do your homework and find out about the different ways to finance your MBA.
5.You are not alone
Clear all your doubts this weekend & get the real feeling!
There is no better way to clear your doubts than by talking to the right people. Get in contact with the recruiters, admission officers and program team members so that they can answer all your questions regarding the MBA and the university.

7.Get the real feeling!
There are always feelings involved when it comes to making your final decision. It is key that you experience the university and the program by visiting them, talking to current students, professors and alumni. The online environment can give you an idea of each institution. However, the best way for you to get the real feeling is to experience the student life yourself.

6 steps of choosing a MBA
Before, during and after the MBA, you will
experience a rollercoaster of emotions as
the pressure to deliver piles up.

Remember to involve people around you in this process.
Your family, friends, peers and colleagues can be
a source of inspiration for you to enroll in the
right program.

You might even face the opportunity of being
sponsored by your company during your MBA.
Nyenrode Business University
and Together Abroad

Close cooperation between the Career & Personal Development Center Nyenrode & Together Abroad.

Phase I: Get to know yourself (know who you are)
Phase II: Get to know the market (know what you want)
Phase III: Get the job (how you are going to get it)

* Understanding the Dutch Labour Market
*How to write your Resume
* Interview Training

Company sites
World Trade Centers
Investment agencies
Chanberd of Commerces
Interview Training
Preparation / interview structure
Tips and role plays

International Jobs created
by international Companies
Overview origen of these
International Companies
settled in The Netherlands
Overview Companies
per country;
Biggest grow USA & China
Most Jobs created in Headquaters
Production Companies and
Service Centers

Biggest grow per sector
Industrial Engineering/ Services
Health/Life Science & Electronics
International Companies per province
Biggest grow in North & South Holland
and North Brabant.

Created jobs per province
Interesting provinces also Overijssel/ Limburg and Utrecht
Accelerate your career;
Obtain your MBA Degree at Nyenrode Business University

Succes and enjoy the Nyenrode experience!

Together Abroad Job Board
How Linkedin works for you.
Create your profile
Using Groups/ seaching for jobs
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