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FM2: Wider Contexts

AS Film Studies Wider Contexts surrounding the Film "Harry Brown"

Robert Maddison

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of FM2: Wider Contexts

Wider Contexts Lesson Objectives -

-To recap the key features of Representation
-To develop this into the exploration of wider contexts
-To understand the notion of Moral panics
-To Explore positive and negative news stories surrounding youth
-To find a review of the Barbers "Harry Brown" and to consider the contexts surrounding it. What is a MORAL PANIC?? "The rise of the Teenager" The Fear of Youth "The media wittingly or unwittingly reproduce the definitions of the powerful". - Eldridge, 1997. p.65

Essentially, the mass media thrives on sensation and exaggeration to boost sales.

Newspaper headlines continually warn of some new danger which threatens our health and happiness. Television programs echo the theme with sensational accounts of crime and illustrations of the breakdown of family life.

The media appeals to the public at large, particularly in the field of politics, where people in a position of power can tempt society into believing what they want them to believe. To Compile this into a Blog post or Podcast "A moral panic is an intense feeling expressed in a population about an issue that appears to threaten the social order". Why "Wider Contexts" is important "What was happening in Britain that may influence choices" Representation - Why does representation matter?
The concept of representation reveals that media texts are constructions;

they re-present the world to the audience. Any media text, including film, is mediation, an interpretation of the world, produced for a variety of artistic, economic and social reasons.
Representations rely on the shared recognition of ideas, groups and places.
One of the reasons why representations
are important is that they may influence the way people think about a
particular group:

"How social groups are treated in cultural representation is part and parcel of how they are treated in life, that poverty, harassment, self-hate and discrimination (in housing, jobs, educational opportunity and so on) are shored up and instituted by representation".
(Dyer 1993) Considering the Wider context in film texts - Adds depth and meaning to the presentation Provides potential reasoning behind directorial choices Anchors the issues in the film to wider opinions, topics, and issues

This resulted in teenagers receiving spending money and having more time to socialize with other teenagers. Of course, this newly found independence would often result in conflict between the parents and the child.

The media played on these emotions and often portrayed teenagers as juvenile delinquents. Peers easily influence teenagers, often at that stage in life what peers think and do becomes more important than what parents think and say. The word Teenager was created in the 1950’s due to the tremendous population of those in this age category and because teenagers started gaining more independence and freedoms. Teenagers were able to buy more things like food, clothes and music because of an increase in spending money in the 1950’s, expectations changed for the teenager. The economy started booming and families experienced a great deal of economic power, freedom and independence, including teenagers. Group based Task - Find a positive and negative news story surrounding Youth. Find a Review of "Harry Brown" and explore the opinions surrounding the representation of Youth within the film Research some potential "Moral Panics" surrounding youth that can contextually be linked to the film "Harry Brown" "Folk Devil" Group Based Task - Bringing it all together

Listen to the podcast that I have emailed you all

Building upon your understanding of Representations, Moral Panics and Folk Devils, Explore how Wider contexts and opinions of Youth can be linked to the way Daniel Barber presents youth in "Harry Brown"

there are 5 Questions - focus on a question each within your group and either -

- Make a blog post addressing the topic
- Record a podcast and post to blog
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