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Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy

No description

Stm tiger

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy

1. Turner moved from Boston to Phippsburg and hates it especially Willis.

2. Turner has to do things for Mrs. Cobb everyday in the summer like read to her, play organ, and write down her last words when she dies since she cares about that a lot.
Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy
7. Turner tries to row to the dory to Malaga Island since Lizzie cracked her head open but a current brought him the wrong way.
10. Willis paints Mrs. Hurds shutters yellow with Turner in the night because they liked her.
11. Mrs. Cobb dies of old age and with her last words very weird while Lizzie's grandaddy dies of sickness.
13. Lizzie rejects the house because she thought people would not like her there.
15. Turner's Dad falls off the cliff while defending Turner and dies later of injuries.
Beginning of Book
End of Book
3. Sheriff Elwell and the Frock Coats go to Malaga Island
and tells everyone there they have to move out by fall.
4. Lizzie teaches him everything she knows about Phippsburg
including how to hit a baseball the way they do.
6. Lizzie cracks her head open on the shore while digging for clams, and something scared her.
8. Turner brings Lizzie into Mrs.cobbs house and Mrs. Cobb was freaked out.
9. Mrs. Hurd is forced to go to Pownal because Deacon Hurd wanted the money from selling the house.
12. Turner is left with the house from Mrs. Cobb's will but it is meant really for Lizzie.
14.Willis says something to Turner at church making Turner go to Mrs. Cobb's house at night where he gets locked up in a room. Turner sees a fire on Malaga Island when he looks out the window, so he gets out of the house by breaking a window and starts to run. He runs into Sheriff Elwell who scares him. Suddenly, his Dad came in and defended him because they were in a fight.
16. Turner attends his Dad's church meeting since his dad was injured. People said he could not be there but in the bylaws it said he could.
17. Turner and Mr. Newton go to see Lizzie at the Insane Asylum only to find out she had died 10 days before.
18. Turner and his Mom finally go to church, and they let the Hurds live with them because Mr. Hurd's job stopped and they lost their house.
5. Turner is forbidden to go to Malaga Island because African Americans live there but also since it is getting destroyed.
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