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Death of a Salesman

Group 4

Sarah Kim

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Death of a Salesman

Death of a Salesman Group 4 Elements Analysis Characters Diction Irony Stockings Seeds Tennis Racket Diamonds Willy Happy :D Biff Criticisms:
mythical flawed Greek hero Adonis/Hercules Adonis get-rich quick Willy's failed attempts at success Biff was the athletic one sex & infidelity colloquial/ informal financial wealth Willy considers going (downfall) "the jungle is dark but full of diamonds" "nothings planted" Willy could not provide for his family
& did not properly raise his sons Something is actually successful at Bernard was at the sidelines Biff and Happy wanted to sell sports equipment Bernard owns a tennis racket (end) Willy cannot properly support his family Mercury traveling salesman v. god of trade and commerce attractive, football star/well-liked fall of man Hercules Ben wise old sage is dead Linda Loman Juno backbone of the family husband is Jupiter (Roman mythology) Bernard humility successful foil to Biff Charley has logic foil to Linda Howard Willy's young boss Successful American Dream Inherited his father's fortune Stanley waiter close to Happy content with his life has some "failures" compassion to Willy Miss Forsythe
& Letta prostitutes representative of Happy's true intentions Flute bring everything to full cycle represents a siren song appeals for the lost youth
& innocence of boys By: Sarah Kim, Michelle Jen, Kelly Chen, and Neja Bijjala Car Willy drives himself to death "accidents" suicide power & mobility hopelessness and despair Fountain Pen Biff's inadequecies someone else's values (Willy) stealing something he does not need football desire to be strong and tall American West Alaska African Jungle thinks New York is the land of opportunity and success longs for freedom
like the American West Willy gives them to his mistress
but always complains to his wife (irony) Stockings Happy American Dream it tied down Willy
instead of freeing him ...is not happy :( Funeral Willy wanted to prove to Biff that he was successful He thought "they'll come from ME, MA, VT, and NH" only his family and Charley come he will never know "last payment" Linda "Why did you do it?" she does not understand him financial sold himself the American Dream innocence Syntax used as a subtle reminder of the theme "No! The Supreme Court!" "That's the best for you. Because a family business, you know what I mean? - that's the best." middle class society Happy v. Bernard "Knock 'em cold in Providence" "No, kiddin', Biff you got a date? Wonderful!" "Oh, just a case I've got there, Willy." "Strudel's comin'" Happy Loman duplicate of Willy Loman flat/static character emotionally muddled ironic name Bernard unpopular nerd good-hearted and humble successful Charley foil of Linda proof of American Dream humble & generous "But now his old friends, the old buyers that love him so and always found some order to hand him in a pinch-they’re all dead, retired.”
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