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No description

virginia trevino

on 14 June 2011

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Transcript of PROPAGANDA

ADVERTISEMENTS Persuasive Writing
Generalize. "If she can, you can."
Scare: "If you don't use this shampoo, you may lose your hair."
Exaggerate: "This plan will create a better future for everyone." Information that attempts to influence public. Target
Audience to whom it is directed. PROPAGANDA aka Propaganda Techniques Testimonial
People say they used the product and feel satisfied with it. Emotional Words
Using words that persuade and touch people's feelings. Transfer Repetition
Product's name, brand company or sign is repeated at least four times. Bandwagon
Everybody is using this product. aka How? Slogan Famous people telling you
to use the product. A catchy phrase that
makes people relate it
a product. Propaganda = propagate
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