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Asian Cuisine

No description

Raeanne Bolton

on 31 May 2010

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Transcript of Asian Cuisine

ASIAN cuisine China Chinese food can be simple or sophisticated,
but always relies on the freshest local ingredients. STAPLE FOODS Noodles
Fresh Vegetables CUSTOMS Traditionally, Chinese believed it was impolite to talk too much while eating.
Instead of having food served on individual plates, the Chinese eat from a common dish in the middle of a round table or from several dishes placed on a large lazy susan on a round table.
Chinese usually eat from a bowl or small plate. Phillippines staple foods Cocanut
Carabou(milk/white cheese)
Sweet Potatoes customs the Philippines do not
use chopsticks Hospitality is always gracious
and the best dishes proudly
presented to guests. India
Staple Foods Roti and Rice
Dairy (yogurt)
Customs In india it is proper to always use your right hand when eating or receiving food.
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