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Case Study - Salesforce.Com: Cloud Services Go Mainstream

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Sofia Bouasrof

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Case Study - Salesforce.Com: Cloud Services Go Mainstream

Salesforce.com is the world leader in on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) services. More than 227,000 subscribers at more than 13,900 companies worldwide depend on Salesforce.com to manage sales, marketing, customer service, and support operations.Salesforce.com was founded in 1999 and became a publicly traded company in 2004.
and it provides CRM in the Formof Software-as-a-service
What is CRM
Strategy for managing company’s interactions with customers, client and sales prospects
Describes a company wide business strategy including customer-interface departments as well as other department and it involves using technology
; Automate and Synchronize Business processes principally
sales activities
, but also those for
, customer service , and technical support

Benefits for Salesforce.com

• Easy learning curve enabled rapid content delivery in weeks, not months.
. Company offers better scalability than those provided by large entreprises
As they eliminate the cost and complexity of managing multiple layers of hardware and software

Customers access relevant information in record time and easily relate to the personalized presentations.
• Customers learn to use salesforce.com services to the maximum potential, increasing success and product satisfaction.
How does Salesforce.com use cloud computing?
Salesforce.com provides customer relationship management and other software applications using the software-as-a-service business model over the Internet. Cloud computing, also known as on-demand computing, eliminates the need for a business to make large up-front hardware and software investments and reduces the time to implement new programs.
The new Salesforce.com Web site places much more emphasis on cloud computing, grouping products into three types of clouds: the Sales Cloud, the Service Cloud, and the Custom Cloud.

What are some of the challenges facing Salesforce as it continues its growth?
- Some challenges :
+ Increased competition both from traditional industry leadersand new challengers hoping to replicate Salesforce’s success
+ Expanding its business model into other areas
+ Ensuring the system is available 24/7 with no outages
+ Defending the system against security breeche

Case Study - Salesforce.Com: Cloud Services Go Mainstream

Presented by :Bouasrof Sofia


Benefits for end users
What kinds of businesses could benefit from switching to Salesforce and why?
Sales force gives company a single place to store all their information and can only be accessed by authorized employees. So almost any company can benefit most are:
Small to medium size businesses are most likely to benefit because of lower cost and their inability for in-house computing
Businesses that are trying to increase the sophistication of their computing abilities could also benefit from using Salesforce.com applicatio

What factors would you take into account in deciding whether touseSaleforce.com for your business?
Businesses should assess the costs and benefits of the service , weighing all people organization and technology issues
One more Important thing to take into accont is reliability of Internet Service as Salesforce.com application require constant internet connection

Could a company run its entire business using Sales force.com, Force.com, andApp Exchange? Explain your answer.
Yes certain Smaller entreprises can be run thought salesforce.com and app Exchange because now app exchange has following application
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