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No description

Florian Porzer

on 24 June 2014

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Transcript of TiKon

... an online price configurator and estimator
for cross-laminated timber constructions
is ...
... derived from the English word 'timber' and the German word 'Konfiguration'
Software architecture
a 'real' customer
satisfaction of creating a real-world product
getting to know new technologies
technologies used:
ratio of overhead to actual development
Lessons learned
consider documentation available for technology choice
cautious goal and task planning (avoid overreaching oneself)
lack of documentation (Wicket)
user handling and speed (OpenShift)
unintended behavior
most of the members didn't know each other prior to the project
similar state of knowledge due to new technologies
~ same effort by all members
over course of project
English as main language of communication
advice by tutor regarding technologies and software used
don't underestimate the complexity of 'simple' tasks
homogenous way of team-communication
schedule sufficient time for planning and research
Project management
sprints: 7
issues: ~ 18/sprint
CLT (cross-laminated timber)
Database structure
- Java 7
- HTML 5/CSS 3/JavaScript
- Spring 4
- Hibernate 3
- Wicket 6.0
- Wicket-Bootstrap 0.9
- JUnit 4.8

- Apache Tomcat 7
- Maven 2.3
- RaphaelJs 2.1
- JQuery 1.11
Multi-language support
File-upload and email notifications
Graphical Input and Visualization
high necessity for coordination
Programming language:
Offer generation as pdf-file
Price calculation and validity check of input
responsive user-experience by 'drawing'
- PostgreSQL 9.3
successful completion of ASE
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