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Communication Barrier Between Parents And Children

Communication is the vital to any relation ship, when it comes to parents and children relation we see many barriers which can not be seen but they are felt/experienced by every individuals atleast once in their life. I have tried to mention some of those

muhammad kamran saleem

on 28 February 2017

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Transcript of Communication Barrier Between Parents And Children

Communication Barrier Between Parents & Children
Communication Barrier
*Communication is vital to any relationship. With the parent-child relationship, there are many barriers that can hinder that communication. If you consider these issues when having a conversation with your child, you can overcome many of them
Removing barriers to parent-child communication
What Are Those Barriers?
Parents’ constant care for the security of their kids usually comes with a wish to let them loose, especially at older ages. This paradox can hinder communication, as the line between care and coddling is subtle, like the line between dependence and neglect.
Paradoxical Care
Parents can have a hard time understanding why their kids are so influenced by their entourage. Many misunderstandings appear when parents appear mean to their children’s friends, enforce interdictions or punish
Difficulty To Understand Friends
Threats Order And Criticism & Insult
“If you are not able to clean up today, you will not go out”

“Do as I say immediately,” “Do not ask why, I know better!”

“You cry all the time that you learn, but I see you
only listening to music”

“Only you could make such a stupid mistake”
“You haven’t inherited my intelligence.”
Technology Gap And Poor Time Management
Parents and kids rarely have time to truly communicate.
Many kids are more technology-savvy than their parents, who often can’t, or don’t want to, keep pace with the ever-evolving digital world.
Getting their attention
None of us listen well when there are
too many distractions.

Remember this is a
two-way street
Word choice
you should consider the vocabulary you use with them. Think about whether or not your child/parents understands all the terms you
are using.
Be A Friend
Be their friends to gain their confidence so they can
share each and every thing with strong faith , and for a
successful relation
Do Not Impose Decisions
involve your children in family talks
and ask them for their reviews
about the certain topic/problem
Muhammad Kamran Saleem
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