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Reengineering of the organization

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Transcript of Reengineering of the organization

Key aspects of reengineering
Rethinking the basics of what the organization does and why.
A new way of thinking about management can provide a different perspective on what is being done and why.
Second aspect
Radical redesign of company processes.
It should be noted that it can not be an excuse for arbitrary dismissals.
Reengineering of the organization
Fourth aspect
The need for careful analysis and questioning of company processes is really important.
The various subsystems must be integrated into a total system
Third aspect
Requires important results.
Between 50% and 70% of the reengineering attempts do not achieve the impressive results sought
Is called the start again Michael Hammer and James Champy, who popularized the concept, suggested asking this question: "If I re-created this company Today (from nothing), knowing what I now know and given the current technology, how would it be?
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