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Welcome to the College of Education

No description

Aileen Taylor

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Welcome to the College of Education

Study Abroad Programs led by COE Faculty
Let us Grow Together
Undergraduate Majors
Birth through Five, B.S.E.
Early Childhood Education , B.S.E.
Middle Level Education, B.S.E
Health and Physical Education, B.S.E.
Human Learning and Development B.I.S. Exercise Science B.S.
Minors: Special Education K-12, Urban Education, Educational Psychology

Core- Academic Advisement
Professional Advisors

Freshman: 0-29 credit hours- UAC 14th Floor
Phone: 404-413-2300

Sophomore and Juniors: 30- 89 credit hrs -UAC 13th Floor
Phone: 404-413-2630

Seniors: 90+ credit hrs College Office of Academic Assistance

College of Education OAA is located in 3rd Floor of the COE
Phone: 404-413-8000
Faculty Advisors and Program Coordinators
Birth- Five Education; Dr. Ruth Saxton
rsaxton@gsu.edu, 404-413-8238

Early Childhood Education: Carla Tanguay
ctanguay@gsu.edu, 404-413-8229

Middle Level Education: Dr.Alyssa Dunn
adunn12@gsu.edu, 404-413-8412

Exercise Science: Laura Abbott
labbott64@gsu.edu, 404-413-8376

Health and Physical Education: Terry Metzler
tmetzler@gsu.edu, 404-413-8357

Program Admission Requirements for TEA
2.75 GPA or Areas A-F Completed or In Progress, Passing

(MLE- 2.5 GPA and 12hrs of concentration completed)

Basic Skills GACE- Exemptions ACT 43, SAT 1000 on Math & Reading

Departmental interview and writing sample, Tort liability and Insurance, and Criminal Background Check
Welcome to Georgia State University
The College of Education

Panther Preview
Friday, Sept. 20 2013

Presented by
Dr. Joyce Many, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Educator Preparation
Aileen Taylor, Academic Advisor

China, Morocco, South Africa, Brazil, France, Sweden, Spain, Norway, Scotland
Questions ?
Thanks for your time! We hope you will decided to come grow with us as we help MOVE YOU FORWARD!!!!
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