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Easy Maths

This will help you in maths ~#--(Kashif)--#~

Kashif Hussain

on 29 April 2015

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Transcript of Easy Maths

Maths Revision Guide

Addition is even easier then multiplication. When you add for example 536+342 you set it up like this: + 536
you always add downwards like 6+2, 3+4, 5+3 then you ll get you answer. Always start from right to left.
When you subtract for example 387-243 you set it up like this:
- 387
this is exactly the same as addition but you don't add, you take away.
Always work right to left

Line up the numbers properly under neath each other
there is a very easy way of dividing...
the bus stop method.
the bus stop method is something like this: 36/3=

i got this answer by doing
how many 3's go into 3 and that is 1. Then i did how many 3's go into 6 and that is 2. You join 1 and 2 and it makes 12.




There is a very easy method of multiplying and that is the column method. It might look very hard but its not. Here is an example of column method:

x 37
firstly you multiply the 7 by the 5 then the 7 by the 2. Then there is a 3 left. That 3 is a 30. So you put a 0 under neath the 5. Next you do 3 by 5 and 3 by 2. Then you add 175 and 750 and you get the answer of 925
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