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Preparatory Steps in Writing a Field Research

Reporting in Writing in Discipline. Alarcon, Bigornia, Caguioa, Pante of BAJ 1-1D AY 2012-2013

Camille Caguioa

on 13 January 2013

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Transcript of Preparatory Steps in Writing a Field Research

Preparatory Steps
in Writing
a Field Research Field Research Also known as Field Study
Describes a given condition or occurrence in the natural environment where the said condition or occurrence takes place (Bendazzoli and Escalante 20)
No changes whatsoever are made in the environment (Paler-Calmorin and Calmorin 13) Research problems or questions are answered with data taken from the natural environment, like people, objects or artifacts, also records, oral and written. Writing the field research may be a daunting task. But learning it step by step with ample explanations and illustrations simplifies the process and encourages you to work on and explore new areas of knowledge. 1 2 3 4 5 6 What will be
the research topic? As you choose your topic,
be aware of the following.. Your ability or background
knowledge of the topic. Your interest. Availability of materials. TOPICS TO AVOID: Mere descriptions of processes. Controversial Issues. Very recent topics
like texting. Who will be the respondents? Group/s of people
who will respond
to or answer
your questionnaire. Be specific. If your respondents are students,
indicate their course, year level, and even the section, if needed. If they are teachers, then indicate the college or department they belong to. Where will be the
research venue? This will tell where the respondents
will come from. If the respondents are from school, indicate
the name of the school and the college/department
where the respondents will come from. If you want to involve people outside the school,
TELL WHO THEY ARE. Be sure you involve people who are accessible to you.
Also, avoid too many respondents because of time
constraints. When will the research take place? Indicate the time the research
will start and end. How is the thesis
title formatted? Now, with the help of 4 Ws, formulate the thesis title
which should tell the what, the who, the where, and the
when of your research work. 1. What is the topic?
Study Habits.

2. Who/Whose study habits?
Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (BAJ) 1-1D

3. Where will the research take place?
College of Communication, Polytechnic University of the Philippines

4. When will the research start and end?
2nd semester, school year 2012-2013 Study Habits of the BA Journalism 1-1D of the College of Communication, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, 2nd semester; 2012-2013. How will the possible
research questions
or subproblems be drawn? Pick out the key word/s in the title.
Analyze it/them.
If you are not familiar with it/them, read about it/them. What is a habit? Is it an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it becomes almost involuntary? A customary practice? What common habits have we acquired? Sleeping habits? Eating habits? Study habits? Do these habits involve usual or regular place? Time? Manner or ways/strategies? sddasdas 1. When do the Bachelor of Arts in Journalism students usually study?
2. Where do they usually study?
3. How do they usually study? The answers to these subproblems will not come from books, but from the respondents whose opinions or perceptions of their habit you will gather through a survey or interview using a questionnaire or checklist.
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