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Colonial Life New Jersey

All about New Jersey

Luke Chutko

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Colonial Life New Jersey

Colony New Jersey Year Founded New Jersey was Founded in 1664 Founder Lord Berkeley and
Sir George Carteret
founded New Jersey New Jersey was founded
to have representative
government and for
religious freedom Reason In New Jersey they
practiced every religion
but catholic Religion Economy People in New Jersey made a living by fishing, farming, and mining Colonial Region New Jersey is
located the
middle colony Dad's went to work to help get food
for their family while the mothers stayed home and watched the children,cleaned, and knitted. Daily Life New Jersey was a very good colony. it had a well-run economy, good religion, and daily life was good. They had a system that worked for them and they were able to get shelter, food, and water. In conclusion, New Jersey was a very successful colony.

Q: If you could choose one teacher to live in this colony who would it be and why?

A: I would choose Mr.Proctor because I could see him being the type of guy that would be a good fisher and hunter so he could find food for his self and his family. Summary
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