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Chris Lee

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Commonwealth

By: Chris Lee and
Jackson Montelpare The Commonwealth
Of Nations The Commonwealth is an intergovernmental organization of
54 countries. It's goal is to support and work together towards shared goals. What is it? Historical Background Canada was one of the first Colonies to join the
Commonwealth and is one of the largest contributors. Canada provides 20.12% of all money that the Commonwealth receives. Canada has participated in every Commonwealth games up until now. The games have been hosted in Canada 4 times. Canada's Involvement Who Runs the Commonwealth Impact on World Community "(Is) to strengthen civil society in the achievement of Commonwealth priorities: democracy and good governance, respect for human rights and gender equality, poverty eradication and sustainable, people-centred and sustainable development, and to promote arts and culture."

This shows what the mission for the commonwealth is
to help promote democracy and good government
increase human, female, and child rights
to help developing countries
and promote different cultures and the arts around the world. Mission Statement It celebrated its 63rd anniversary this year. It
has a permanent Secretariat in London. It runs small programs related to preventing conflict and building support for democratic action and human rights. Financial Contributions
Provides $13 million to the Commonwealth Fund for Technical Co-operation (CFTC)
2nd largest contributor to the Commonwealth Foundation and to the Commonwealth Youth Program
Contributes to the Commonwealth of Learning ($2.6 million in 2009/2010)
Contributed 2.5 million in 2009/2010 to the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan As Britain gave up its colonies in Asia and Oceania the commonwealth grew in the number of members.
All countries that were part of Britain during WWII became members of the commonwealth except for Burma and Aden.
Originally, all members of the commonwealth were required to have The Crown as a head of state.
This led to Ireland being forced to leave the group after they renounced the British Monarch
As a result, in April of 1949 it was agreed upon that countries in the commonwealth would not need to recognize The Crown as the head of state.
This allowed Ireland to rejoin the commonwealth and to keep India in the group of Nations. The term commonwealth was first used in 1884 by Lord Rosebery when he described the changing British empire as a commonwealth of nations.
It was an intergovernmental organization that strives to promote certain goals within countries in the organization, such as the promotion of democracy, human rights, good governance, the rule of law, individual liberty, free trade, and world peace.
The term was first used in the Anglo-Irish treaty of 1912.
The term British was dropped from the title in 1949. Canada's Contributions in the Games
Has contributed in every Games since the first in Hamilton, Ontario in 1930 through their participation in every games
Has hosted the games four times.
Is one of the top nations in medals along with Australia and England. The Commonwealth of Nations will continue to exist until the world achieves world peace. Even if all of the Commonwealth nations obtain their goals, there will always be another nation in need and they will be there to help. Their main mission is to achieve
the MDGs (Millennium Development
Goals) set by the 193 UN nations.
The MDGs are 8 goals set up by the
UN and it's goal is to make every
country successful in fulfilling these
goals. Millennium Development Goals
1.Eradicating extreme poverty and hunger
2.Acheiving universal primary education
3.Promoting gender equality
4.Reducing child mortality rates
5. Improving maternal health
6. Combating HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
7. Ensuring environmental stability
8. Developing a global partnership for development Because of the bond between the different
Commonwealth countries, it opens up many
trade opportunities and chances to boost
economies. The larger and more developed countries help and protect countries that are suffering from events such as war or income deficits. The subdivision: Commonwealth of Learning provides education and access to resources, knowledge and technologies which in turn, provides citizens an opportunity to get a job. Some ways for Canadians to get involved would be to volunteer to one of the many programs that the Commonwealth offers. You could apply and join the Friends of The Commonwealth Program. It is a non-profit profit program that is made up of just regular citizens of Commonwealth countries. They aim to raise awareness while volunteering and actively participating in the community. Organization in the Future The leader of the commonwealth is The Queen.
The position is mainly symbolic with The Queen having almost no power in decision making.
However when the queen dies or abdicates the throne the next monarch does not become the new leader of the commonwealth.
Most decisions happen at the commonwealth head of government meeting (Imperial conference).
The leaders of countries assemble for a few days to discuss the topic of mutual interest.
There are regular meetings to discuss finance, law, and health.
The commonwealth secretariat deals with the majority of intergovernmental affairs.
Is headed by the commonwealth secretary-general.
The secretary-general who is elected, can oly serve two four year terms Because the Commonwealth consists of many developing countries, it will be a long time until all Nations fulfill the goals that they set. Even if the Commonwealth achieves peace within themselves, the countries that are not in the organization will join and seek help from other nations. The Queen The commonwealth
secretary-general The commonwealth secretariat The commonwealth chair person in office How does the commonwealth receive funding Countries in the commonwealth provide funding for the organization.
In the past 6 years the biggest contributes were:
Brunei Darussalam
New Zealand
and the UK.
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