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Using Prezi in the Science Classroom

No description

Joe Shideler

on 10 November 2012

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Transcript of Using Prezi in the Science Classroom

Using Prezi in the Science Classroom Start Here! Learn to Use
Prezi Here Next! Almost There! Use Prezi
in Class Let Students
Use Prezi 1. Go to http://www.prezi.com/ 2. Sign up for a free account Students & Teachers get special features for free! Tips Use size to indicate importance Zoom in on new or important words (You can even hide messages down here!) Put the general
up here and the specific
down here! Put related concepts
near each other
in space Commensalism Parasitism Mutualism Predation Don't be afraid
to have fun! Embed YouTube
movies! 3. Actually DO the tutorial!
(yes, really) 4. Just make something! Collaborate! Finish Line! http://prezi.com/user/joes Unit Reviews Mind Maps Class
Presentations Thank
You! http://mrshideler.com Biology Levels of Complexity

Genetics Terms Chemistry Periodic Trends

Physical vs. Chemical
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