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Playing a Part in Sustainable Agriculture

By: Shalise Gallaher

Shalise Gallaher

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Playing a Part in Sustainable Agriculture

Affects of Buying Local Reducing Food Miles Keeps Money in the Community Keeps Jobs in the Community – Local merchants spend more on local labor
– Local merchants invest back into the local economy
– Local merchants provide strong support for local
artists, authors, etc, furthering economic impact

Local markets generate between 3.5-5 times greater annual
economic impact per store
Chains generate greater sales per
employee than smaller, locally owned
BUY LOCAL Chains pay less on an annual basis per
employee vs smaller local companies Eat whats in season
Buy the product that comes from the nearest source
Visit you local farmers market
Get a vegetable box delivered to your door
Grow your own
Go to the fairs and support local 4-Hers by buying their project animals Impact of Food Miles Ways to Reduce Them Other countries may be farming in highly unsustainable ways
Less nutricious food Reducing greenhouse gas emissions Eat less meat
Plant a tree
Car Pool California tomato sold in Washington, DC, has traveled
approximately 2,800 miles from farm to plate. The transportation
alone adds 165,256 lbs of carbon dioxide emissions. Education Stress to local grocery stores and restaurants to buy local
Schools should teach about sustainability
Farmers markets need better advertisement
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