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Copy of McGill

Talk for McGill in Japan

Kelly Givens

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Copy of McGill

AP/PreAP Meeting Venture Capital Tradition Risk Model Venture Capital Risk Model Buy Low, Sell High The Nature of Risk Lower cost of failure enables innovation Questions Answered AP Student
Summer Institute Summer
Assignments Open Source Software Did you bring your summer assignments? Grade Level Groups How is the amount of work?
Is it meaningful and relavent?
Is it connected to the curriculum?
What if a student took all of the courses
- Could they do it in the summer and still have any time off?
Would you want to do the assignments? $ for breakfast, lunches and teachers Dates Aug 11 & 12 Monday, Aug 9 - teacher prep day Aug 10 - Prep day for participating teachers
Aug 11 - AP Student Summer Institute
Aug 12 - AP Student Summer Institute
Aug 13 - Fish Camp
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