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Elizabeth Harris

on 16 September 2016

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Transcript of Science

Science Experiment
By Jada Barnes

Our Fair Test
We are changing:
The liquid variables: Coke, Vinegar and the Sun (Gas)

We are measuring:
The timethat it takes for the coin to oxidise
The amount of liquid used in each cup

We are keeping the same:
The type of coin
The ml's of liquid
The position
We will need:
100mls of Diet Coke
100mls of Brown Vinegar
3 stopwatches
plastic cups (2 extra)
1 Pyrex measuring jug
5 copper coins (2 extra)
A small dessert spoon
To Observe how quickly the oxidation of copper coins varies if we use the Sun, Vinegar and Coke?
Procedure of our experiment
1. Take 3 of the plastic cups and take 3 of the coins and place 1 in each cup.
2. Pour 100mls of diet coke into one cup and pour 100mls of brown vinegar into another LEAVE ONE CUP EMPTY (Be sure to label all cups.
3. Place each cup side by side in a place where there is sunlight, start a new stopwatch for each cup and stop time when coin is fully oxidised.
4. Record final time and any observation in a graph.
5. Conclude the experiment and use final results and compare to hypothesis.

If the vinegar is the quickest amount of time, it would be a physical change because we can see the vinegar rusting the coin.

If the sun is the quickest amount of time, it would be a chemical change because we can't see the sun rusting the coin.

If the coke is the quickest amount of time, it would be a physical change because we can see the coke rusting the coin.

Is this a chemical or physical change? Why?
the oxidation process in the sun was a chemical and physical change. The first sign
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