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Welcome to Bristol Central

No description

Lea McCabe

on 15 March 2015

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Transcript of Welcome to Bristol Central

Be Creative
Be Conscientious
Be Collaborative
Be Committed

BCHS facts and figures...
Student enrollment: 1,163 students
Demographics: 67% white, 20% Hispanic, 9% black
Free and Reduced Lunch: 43%
18 AP and UCONN course offerings
235 students took 484 AP tests
71% of students earned a 3 or higher
72% enrolled in a post secondary program
US News and World Report Silver Medal High School: #31 in CT
The school culture is
characterized by a safe,
positive, respectful and
supportive climate that
fosters student
Some Bristol facts...
Welcome to bristol central
Former manufacturing hub
ESPN is largest employer
Population: 60,500
Median Household income: $58, 814
Increasing diversity
5 Elementary, 2 Middle, 2 K-8, 2 High Schools
Total BPS population: 8,692
The strong instructional
leadership conveyed by
the principal, rooted in the
school’s core values and
beliefs about learning
The school culture is
characterized by
collaboration among adults
The use of multiple
teaching strategies to
differentiate instruction
The integration of
technology into instruction
The collaborative
learning opportunities used by both students
and teachers
The time for collaboration
to create, analyze and revise
formative and summative
assessments within
instructional data teams
The acquisition of new
technology in the form of
SmartBoards, laptops,
and Chromebooks
Eliminate some
district-level initiatives
in order to fully focus
upon one initiative
at a time
Allocate funding to
increase the number
of electives available
to students especially in
non-core course
Develop a plan
to handle chronically
absent students
that includes more
support and funding
from the district
Investigate funding sources
for the purchase of essential
classroom supplies including
but not limited to, real whiteboards, printers, and other large ticket
items that cannot be covered
in department budgets
Provide a full time
to the building
Provide additional timely
professional training in
software and application
Strengthen communication
with the sending middle schools to support
incoming freshmen
Allocate funding for
capital improvements
including but not limited
to up-to-date computer labs
and software, the reconfiguration
of CATE labs to allow students
to face the front of the classroom,
the soundproofing of the video
production lab, science labs with
working stools and proper ventilation,
and the updating of equipment
in the auditorium
Two & Five Year Plans
2 year
5 year
Establish a sustainable advisory committee
Create a grade 8 to 9 transitional program
Improve in school professional development opportunities
Improve engagement/outreach with BCHS parents
Implement plan to review and revise core values, mission statement and learning expectations
Develop a process to measure how well our services (guidance, nurse, library)are working.
Continue to explore options to provide funding for ancillary equipment needed for programs within the school
BCHS promotes an
environment wherein all members of its community employ 21st century skills to become creative thinkers, conscientious problem-solvers, collaborative learners, and committed citizens in a global society.
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