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IM Practice

Success and Failure in International Marketing

Amanda Gaitan

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of IM Practice

IM in Practice Success VODKA Swedish company
The 3rd. largest International Spirits brand in the world
Every single one is produced in the town of Ahus. More than 21 years old? In the U.S. Brand position: Challenger
Strategy: product differentiation of luxury products. In Estern Europe Brand position: Follower
Strategy: Break customer loyalty to domestic brands (adv) In LatinAmerica Africa and Australia Position: Follower
Strategy: FABs In Asia Position: Challenger
Strategy: Differentiation /competence Absolut Strategy around the world The first country exported to was: u.s.A. (Boston,1979)
Now is over all the world (126 Markets: Europe, Asia, LA, Australia, Africa)
The top markets are: Canada, Greece, Sweden, Spain, Germany and México.
Stockholm is an international center for design, media and telecommunictions. FACTS: "Enjoy with and Absolut Responsability" Keys of an Absolut Success Adaptation to differentes cultures. Their advertising and packaging is their outstanding and unique as the product itself The Joint venture in U.S. Market (Distribution)
Reduce cost
ensure that all policies are being carried out effectively. Many flavours (adapted to the market) Video v&s Group created the v&s spirit =produce market and sell Absolut Vodka
Joint Venture WITH fUTURE Brands LLC = distribute
the sales increased
Political environment
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