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Canada Post final prezi

No description

Micheal Bugeja

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Canada Post final prezi

PLANNING 2013 HR PLANNING TARGETS Financial's Operational Transformation •modernization/ technological changes

•mail volume erosion

•competitive pressures

•pension obligations Trends and Issues Action Plan Employment Development E Commerce Growth Opportunities Benefits Employee Development
Hiring Strategy
Job Security Growth Opportunities Digital Platform
Mail Sorting Compliance and Ethics Social Responsibility
Health and Safety
Diversity and Equity Intro Vision/ Values Digital Platform Health and Safety Pensions Social Responsibility and Equity Canada post will be a world leader in providing innovative physical and electronic delivery solutions, creating value for our customers. We work to earn out customers business
We succeed together
Fair and respectful
Continuous improvement
Act with integrity always Proposed employee development fund. Purpose is to finance career development opportunities for non surplus employees.
Crucial for future development of the company, and align employee goals with company goals Create new job descriptions with new qualifications.
Develop training and orientation programs
Review KSA's for positions
Meet with unions and employees Partner with companies such as eBay and Purolator to offer secure, reliable solutions for delivery for online shoppers
Improve parcel tracking to improve customer service, and maintain competitiveness in the future. 24/7 customer service to meet needs to Canadians
Mobile Apps to enhance customer experience
Digital Storage through E post
Offer local intelligence and delivery services Reduce motor vehicle collisions is high priority.

Use of community box stations will lower collision rates, and labor costs

New modern equipment will require new protective equipment to prevent injury, and ergonomic injuries.

Team up with ergonomists to help identify and prevent ergonomic injurys

Central Delivery stations Going Green, Reducing carbon emission's in buildings and delivery vehicles

Change to lightweight electric or hybrid vehicles

Comply with LEED Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification in all buildings. Goals from 7.5% of buildings to 15%.

Invest time and recruitment of women, and ensure pay equity. Also reach out to visible minority groups with possible ethnic news prints Replace DB plan with DC plan for new hires

Reduce financial liability on Canada Post Pay 71 cents for every dollar earned for wages and benefits

Protect Pension Benefits
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