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Genius Hour Proposal

No description

Evan Knight

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Genius Hour Proposal

Genius Hour Proposal
Ethan Herndon

The Challenge
More about why I am interested in doing this project
Main Steps
Difficulties and Sharing
What is your project? What PRODUCT will you have to show at the end of the year?
My project is to design a video game unit, ex (tank, airplane, sniper). The product that I will have at the end of the year is having two units. One being a scout (humans) and the other being an air unit (aliens).
What challenge/goal/question will drive you to work?
What will be the drive that will keep me going is that i am simulating a part of a Game Designers career.
Who is the audience for this project? How will you be challenged? how will this stretch you?
My audience would be the senior class. I care about the results of the project because I am taking the time to make sure what I am doing is right.
How will you define this project's success?
That my videogame units is detailed, designed to my liking, and looks like it can be in a video game.
How should we evaluate your success? How will that be "visible to others?
Overall looking at the project should look like that is was not done in two minutes.
Can your progress be measured throughout the project?
Yes, I can take pictures and or could possibly make it into a time lapse video.
List possible resources/sources of inspirations to complete this project.
Battlezone 2 Combat Commander
Star Wars
I can look them up on videogames, toys, images, and videos on the internet.
Are there any outside experts who you can learn from or who might help you?
There are two experts that can help me on this project is the drafting/woodshop teacher Mr. Parry. The other person is Marty the technician expert.
Are there existing examples of the sort of project you want to complete?
Yes, in the videogame world, gamers are always challenged in making something new for the next game. Also i can look up examples via Youtube.
What do you expect to learn? How will you be challenged? How will this stretch you?
I expect to learn how video game designers. I will be challenged in two ways. One going beyond the program on AutoCad Inventor 2010. Second is having to set time to work on my project. This will stretch me because it is my senior year, I am working, and currently in sports too.
Why is this project worthwhile?
Yes, I believe that this project is worthwhile because I am getting a slice of the career that I will be pursuing.
Outline the mainsteps to complete your project or provide a link to another site that has the steps.
How will you document your process/progress beyond your journal entries?
I will set some deadlines so I am on track and not fall behind. If time is not of the essence with me, Ill set time so I can fulfill this assignment.
How long do you expect this project to take? Create an action plan/timeline
The time I expect to take is at least 5 months to create my two video game units.
Will you work when no one is watching over you?
80% of the time somebody will be watching me because I am using a school program. The other 20% will be checking to see if I am on schedule and choosing details to my units.
What parts of this project might be difficult? how do you expect to handle them?
The part will be difficult in is getting the videogame units the way I like it. The other is working with the program in accomplishing the necessities
Sharing/Teaching/Paying it foward - How will you share what you have learned with others?
To explain to the class on the journey of the creation of my project. To tell to see if this is something that I want to do.
Who is your target audience?
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
How can your project combine two or more disciplines?
One discipline would be time management. The second discipline would be having the patients working with the program and getting the details right.
My audience to pitch this idea would any video game company. If it is for the assignment, I would be targeting my idea to my English class.
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