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armans school house

No description

cheryl manley

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of armans school house

Hello my name is Arman and I am here to
talk to you about
Pioneer schoolhouses! What was it like to be a pioneer student? Even when a community was lucky enough to have a schoolhouse the chances that every child could go to school were very small because some families could not pay the school fees which were paid as taxes. if families owned farms they relied on their children to help on the farm. This meant that they might not go to school for a long period of time especially when crops needed to be planted or harvested.
Some children had to stay home in the cold days and months because they had no jacket or boots to wear for the long walk to school and long way back! what was it like to be a teacher? Most female pioneer teachers
were not allowed to get married
if they did get married they would get fired. Even if they got payed very little
teachers still ran into lots of problems
collecting the dues from families in the area. •What Were the Schools Like? Pioneer school houses What Were the Schools Like? in most community's that had
a schoolhouse often showed

After years of many models of potbellied stoves became the most used stove in the schoolhouses. What Were the Schoolbooks Like? The most important thing about early schoolbooks were the readers. Students were not separate grades. The Irish Readers did not have much Canadian info. a guide which led them to books like the Canadian series of School Books. more cool facts pioneer school entrances were separate from boys/girls. The most important things in early schoolbooks were the readers. Students were not split up into grades the older grades helped the younger grades THE END pioneer schools had only 1 teacher to teach grades 2-8 glossary log cabin: wood:wood fire stove schoolhouse: one room school house when school house was not built school would be taught in a settlers home or the general store general store:the general store was like a second school pioneers were the most important thing for a school house in pioneer times! MADE BY Arman
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