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Xbox One

No description

on 8 September 2015

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Transcript of Xbox One

- Microsoft
- E3
- November 22, 2013
- All in one
- 8-core processor
- HDMI in/out
- 500GB hard drive
- Blu-ray player
- USB 3.0
- Fused gaming and windows OS
- Voice and motion activated
- turn on/off
- navigate menus
- move interface
- Which means...
- No controller or remote
- Real Motion
- Tracks slightest movement and gestures
- Real Voice
- Knows who to listen to
- Use voice to navigate interface
Designed for fast paced world
- Turn on instantly by saying "Xbox on"
- Download updates behind the scenes. No more waiting.
Friends App
1000 friends
Activity Feed
Follow Players
View Achievement and videos
Multiple Windows
- Do two things at once
- Music and games
- Skype and live sports

- While waiting for a match online
- HD
- Group Skype up to 3 people
- Can snap to side of screen
All in one sports center
- Fantasy Football
- See stats
- Watch other games
Similar to
Twitch Streaming
- Can record and stream on Twitch
- Connect cable box to Xbox One
- No more switching inputs

- See what's trending to stay up to date
The Cloud
- Start/Stop anywhere in the game
- Profile saved to cloud
- Making any Xbox One feel like your own
- Games hosted on the cloud:
- Better performance
- Minimize cheating
- Turns phone or tablet into second screen for gaming or movies via xbox

- Interact with each other to enhance TV shows, movies, and games.

- Second Screen can be used as a remote and keyboard for the xbox one console.

Chris Martin
John Barber
Bryan Harris
Significance to college students
Impact on Internet
Impact on Consumers
Make lives easier
Consumers may be troubled. The price of the Xbox one is projecting to be an "arm and a leg"
Viability in current internet age
I believe that this product will last for at least another 5 years due to its versatility.
The Xbox One is not merely a gaming console but is an entertainment device that appeals to a variety of demographics.
It is for this reason that i believe that the Xbox One will have a good run.


- In college it is important to have a balance between work and play.

- This device serves as a movie theater, a music player, a social media hub, a television, and a game station.

The Xbox One revolutionizes the way we keep in touch with one another.
- Most college students have had some experience with a form of electronic gaming.

- Essentially students want this product because they grew up with this product or rather a similar form of this product

- This is how you can have a group of people who are "die hard" Xbox fans or PlayStation fans.


The Hypervisor
This is the main operating system that runs parallel to both the windows 8 and gaming systems, this allows the easy transition between the two
The Gaming OS
This operating system is only focused on the game and storage space, but runs parallel to the hyphervisor so you can instantly seach the web or steaming videos
The Windows OS
This system is focused on the windows functions between panels, similar to the HP computers.allowing easy access to apps such as Facebook, YouTube, etc. through your Xbox one.
The Xbox one brings the gamer closer to the internet by using three operating systems
Works Cited
- www.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-one/entertainment


- www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtFjCGg1N68

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- All images were from Google image
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