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Write a Song

How to write a song that's just right.

David Duncan

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Write a Song


It's a Hit!
Write a Song That's Just Right!
Strong Idea +
Unique Angle
= Great Song!
EVOKE EMOTION: Show, don't tell.
What are you trying to say?
Who are you saying it to?
Why Would They Want to Listen?
FOCUS: Don't try to cover too much.
FORM: A blueprint to follow.
FINE EDGE: Every word must count.
"A great song takes a small idea and makes it even smaller."
Steve Seskin, veteran songwriter
"A song should always, somehow, be about the audience."
Pat Pattison, poet & teacher
You always know more than the listener,
so take them someplace they want to go.
What you say depends
on who you're saying it to.
"Don't tell me what you feel, paint me a picture that makes
me feel that same way." Steve Seskin
EVOLVE: Each section of a song moves the story forward.
"It is in the nature of music to be ongoing."
Leonard Bernstein, composer & conductor
EMPOWER: Leave room for the listener's conclusions.
Let THEM "own" the song.

Don't say, "I'm sad because my dog ran away."
Say, "An empty bowl on the porch.
A leash hanging by the door. I
call his name, but he doesn't come... my dog is gone."
Make 1 point in a unique way.
Tells the story--who, what, when, where and how.
Same melody each time, but with different words.
Sells the story--why.
Shares the BIG thought or main idea.
Often repeated. Same melody
and words each time.
Connects two parts
of a song. Provides new information. Different melody than the verse or the chorus.
A final thought.
Often restates the title.
Economy of Language

What do they look like?
Where do they come from?
How do they think?
Engage the listener and
them engaged!
"When Papa Prayed", by David Duncan
Form: (V1, V2, Ch, Br [spoken], Ch, Tag
How to Evoke Emotion
Point of View
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