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Comprehension Instruction: Defining What Works

A quick look at the strategies good readers use and how teachers can foster comprehension in the classroom.

Jessica Woodward

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Comprehension Instruction: Defining What Works

Comprehension Instruction:
Defining What Works Look at that! Your kids are reading so beautifully! You have successfully taught
them to read!

Right? research shows that 1/3
of "good readers" are NOT
understanding what they read! But isn't that the point of reading? NO!! Lets look at... What do good readers do? so now what? 1. They PREDICT 2. They QUESTION 3. They VISUALIZE 4. They SUMMARIZE Picture walks
Book orientations
K-W-L charts What does the author mean?
What is this about?
Teacher-directed questions mental pictures
poetry! "50 words or less"
paraphrasing (use your own words!)

Hmm.... so how do I teach it? Reciprocal Teaching Student-teacher pairs teacher models strategies supports the student as they take over small groups Fishbowl! ...ULTIMATELY.....

We want ALL of our kids to do what GOOD readers do We don't just want fluency! Comprehension is KEY!
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