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No description

Dillon Wu

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Fractoh

Why was Fractoh invented?
Fractoh was invented because the students teacher gave them an assignment using fractions. As fast as the teacher gave the assignment, the kids got bored real fast and didn't like the assignment. Then, one of the partners decided to brighten things up by changing the game to having yugioh formating. Soon, the game had rules to it and people were playing it and many new cards were invented within the process.
Who invented Fractoh?
Like I said earlier, Fractoh was invented by kids from a teacher's assignment. I am pretty sure that I told the story of why Fractoh was made, and the kid who thought of the gaming format was a kid named Dillon and the helper was Hansel, both from Sedgwick School
Fractoh Rules and Formating
Fractoh rules and formatting are very simple. There are no more than five monsters on the field and the effects of monsters can be activated most of the time and cards can be either face-up of face-down in defense of attack. Note: Face -down monsters must be in defense mode.
For more info, go to...
What is Fractoh?
Fractoh is a game that is like yugioh but it involves more math and it is class friendly. Fractoh is a card game invented by students who were getting bored of an assignment and decided to tweak the assignment just a little bit(Correction, a lot) and made it fun and class friendly.
Thank You!!!
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