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Children Left Behind

Looking at how low socio-economic status impacts student success in school and what should be done in response.

Johanna Bender

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Children Left Behind

Because money doesn't grow on trees children are left behind. So what is causing this? Factors low standards do not understand student needs methods attitude affecting low-SES students But wait . . . There's More! Parents OSS Drop-Outs Employment The Endless Cycle Solutions low helping academically aware of what's happening in school SES is a good predictor for OSS 16.7% Gradual Process

Those who are retained are more likely to dropout Adults don't notice Just show up and pass Schools do little to help fix source of problem Cognitive Achievement Skill Differences Accelerate Motivate Authentic Schools Acknowledge ffirm culture two worlds Define "Success" Gifted Education for All! Help children reach their full potential "The longer that they were in school, the farther they lagged the mainstream in academic results." Accelerate & Remediate Make learning relevant Choose the best answer.

1. What do standardized tests
(ex: SOLs) teach students?

a. how to memorize facts

b. test taking strategies

c. bubble-filling competency

d. upper-level thinking skills What does it mean? There's a problem that can't be ignored

There are plenty of solutions available Work as a whole
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