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Case Study #2

No description

Jakalfa Cada

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Case Study #2

Case Study 2 The Johnson Toy Company
VS. Jungle Jim the Jogger The Johnson Toy Company's overall efficiency
improved greatly with the Jungle Jim the Jogger
incident. They were able to recognize their
internal and external positives and negatives
and use those to frame a goal and a plan to
achieve success in the toy industry. CASE STUDY 2 Presented By:
Laura Anderson
Kyle Agovino
Rafael Carrasco
Jackie Dair

Maritime Logistics Period 6 SCOR Plan: to improve return policy to prevent retailers from returning toys that are in otherwise mint condition.

Source: return department and warehouse where toys that have been manufactured but not yet shipped are being held.

Make: transform old, returned toys into new toys of a different model so that they can sell better on the market.

Deliver: to deliver the new, updated toys in a time efficient manner (within the next few weeks) to compensate for the loss in profit over the unsold toys.

Return: To have a retailers who purchased toys and desire to return them for any reason send the toys directly to the manufacturer to have them disassembled and then reassembled into a new profitable item. -To create a return policy that
is enforceable and will be able to
prevent future return problems Mission Statement To provide quality products and the highest
relationships with our retail buyers. Organizational Chart Conclusion SWOT Analysis Goal Our business uses the hierarchy chart. We believe it is beneficial to our company because it is traditional and proven to work. It is also extremely organized. Objectives -To implement the new return policy plan within two weeks. Strengths:
Efficient with production
Mass production
Popularity of toy company Weaknesses:
No backup plan
Return policy
Over stocking Opportunities:
Toy company can disassemble current toy and reassemble it into a usable product to be resold
Company maintains positive reputation for making quality toys before Jungle Jim incident
Opportunity to rethink and create a toy that can sell better. Threats:
Jungle Jim the Jogger issue
Customers can lose faith in company
Law suits
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