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Shepard Fairey presentation

No description

True Southfox

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Shepard Fairey presentation

By True Southfox Shepard
Fairey Work cited Frank Shepard Fairey
Born February 15, 1970, in Charleston, South Carolina. Studied art at Rhode Island School of design.
Married and has two daughters. All of this emerged from the skateboarding scene in the 1990s. "Andre the Giant has a Possee"
QUESTION EVERYTHING The New Yorker called the poster the most efficacious American policital illustration since Uncle Sam Wants You. Anti-war
CONTROVERSEY I fought the law and the law won. Tension & Balance Aung San Suu Kyi "Freedom to Lead"... Shepard Fairey salsa.democracryinaction.org
Make Art Not War...Shepard Fairey flickeriver.com
Guns...Shepard Fairey imgfave.com
"Hope"...Shepard Fairey artnet.com
Andre the Giant has a Possee...Shepard Fairey en.wikipedia.org
Obey...Shepard Fairey illustrationfrieday.com
Eye...Shepard Fairey visionaryartistrymag.com
Tryant...Shepard Fairey theworldsbestever.com
Toxic...Shepard Fairey formatmag.com
Duality of Humanity...Shepard Fairey cinque_collective.com
Duality of Humanity 2...Shepard Fairey winterfrostcollection.com
Duality of Humanity 3...Shepard Fairey theworldsbestever.com
Street Obey...Shepard Fairey distorsionurbana.blogspot.com
Black & White Portriat of Fairey...(unknown) changethethought.com
Color Portrait with spraypoint...(unknown) examiner.com
"Help Fight Hunger"...Shepard Fairey capitalareagoodbank.com
Obey (fist) ...Shepard Fairey dietroiequinteonlive.it
"We are the 99%"...Shepard Fairey ibtimes.com
Shepard Fairey (Frank Shepard Fairey)...Wikipedia.org/wiki/shepard_fairey
Amanda & Shepard Fairey at Chanel's benefit dinner for the Natural
Resources Defense Councils Ocean Initiative...(unknown) zimbio.com
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