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Stereotypes on males

All stereotypes on males. Created by Richard Horlick and Alan Wong.

Richard Horlick

on 15 June 2010

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Transcript of Stereotypes on males

Sexist Stereotypes On Males This image directs that all black males are tall, buff and scary because of his facial expression is showing a fierce “don’t mess with me face”; and that all the white males are drunk weak and careless (because in the image, you can tell that this white man is possibly at a party or friends house and has been drinking carelessly). In this image above tries to directly make you imagine and think that all black males play basket ball (since this man has a basket ball and is wearing basket ball clothing), dress up like a gangster (due to his appearance) and mainly wear some type of basket ball jerseys, headbands and will always where some sort of "bling" which is just gold/silver necklaces, earrings, rings or bracelets. It also says that they are all tall, strong and have several tattoos all over their own body. This poster shows that black men carry weapons (due to him carrying around a whip), are all part of gangs and are willing to kill anyone that messes with them or anyone else that is involved in their gang. By Richard Horlick & Alan Wong In this image of America's famous cartoon T.V. show, The Simpsons, has an image of the main character, Homer J. Simpson, is representing a father of Bart, Lisa and Maggie and husband of Marge, it is showing that a father/husband is a fat, bald, lazy, clumsy, helpless slob that just sits on a couch and watches T.V. while eating and drinking alcohol (him holding what it looks like to be a beer bottle) most of the time, playing bowling (because there is a bowling ball that reads "Homer" on it) and that usually goes to work every day while the wife stays home being a "housewife" (taking care of the children, doing laundry, cooking and cleaning). In this video, several asian men speak about the many types of stereotypes that had been pushed on to them through out their lives, and how they overcame their problems. In this advertisement above, it is subconsciously telling people that all males are meant to be strong and to be brawny (since the title in the right hand corner reads "Be a man" which means to be a "Real man" you should have ridiculously big muscles to be an official “man”. In this movie (this is the trailer of the particular movie), Billy Elliot, has some male stereotypes that is in this film. An example is that Billy (the main character) likes to dance so he takes ballet lessons, though his father thinks he is taking boxing lessons and is starting to become suspicious. Later in the film Billy‘s father finds out about him taking ballet lessons and is upset, in their argument between Billy and his father, Billy’s dad says “Lads do football or boxing or wrestling not ballet.” to Billy which is basically saying that men should not take ballet because it is for girls, but to do boxing, wrestling, football or any other “manly” sport. Bibliography:
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