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the clique

book project

Shannon Blake

on 2 December 2012

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Transcript of the clique

The Clique by Lisi Harrison Presented by:
Shannon Blake Exposition Rising Actions The Clique Place/Time: Present fall
Characters: Massie, Claire, Dylan, Kristen,and
Protagonist: Claire
Main Characters: Dylan, Alisha, and Kristen
Static Characters: Layne and Chris 1. When Claire hacks Massies' computer
2. WhenClaire steals all of Massies' friends
3.When the Clique Shopping with Claire
When Massie, Alisha,kristen,and Dylan the made lipgloss
The Clique By: Lisi Harrison Conflict Conflict: Person vs. Person
Claire and Massies' Tension Climax One climax is at the auction when Massie comes out of the cake. At the auction Chris (Massies' crush), has his birthday so massie decides to jump or pop out of his birthday cake. But Claire stopes her. The Plot Realistic fiction: because it could happen because it could happen Falling Action When Claire stops Massie from jumping out of the cake.
That Chris has a girlfriend. Resoultion The reasoultion is that Claire stopped Massie from jumping out of the cake. Claire stopped Massie because Chris has a girlfriend and Claire didn't want Massies' feeling to get hurt. So Massie became friends with Claire. Theme Do not judge someone by the way they look. Onomatopoeia/ Allteration Questions, Suggestions for the author? THANK YOU thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you GREAT BOOK KEEP
WRITING!!! when massie found out that claire hacked her mac
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