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Creating Mood in Art

Elementary introduction to creating mood

Lindsey Foushee

on 17 June 2015

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Transcript of Creating Mood in Art

create a feeling in your art
Why is mood important?
MOOD in Music
MOOD in Dance
We can create MOOD in art class by using certain colors and lines.
MOOD is the feeling you get looking at art.
All different kinds of art try to show mood. When we see new kinds of art, we may like it or dislike it based on how it makes us feel.
Music can make you feel different ways, depending on how fast or slow the tempo is, how loud or quiet, how high or low the pitch is, or even what instruments are used. Sample these music clips to see how one song can make you feel differently:
Dance shows mood through the movements the dancers perform: fast or slow, how they relate to each other during the dance, and the kinds of lines they make with their bodies. Costuming and lighting can also help create mood.
How do you feel after you watch certain movies or read certain books? If the book or movie make you feel happy, sad, excited, etc, then they are good at creating MOOD.
Music, dance, theater and visual art all use mood to try to show viewers feelings & ideas.
and MOVING LINES have an EXCITED mood.
and STRAIGHT LINES have a CALM mood
Different lines have different moods, like calm straight lines and energetic zigzags.
Colors can also affect the feeling you get from art:
If the goal of art is to convey an idea or feeling, it is important for artists to know how to show their ideas to the viewer.
"One More Time"
originally sung by Britney Spears
"What a Wonderful World" originally sung by Louis Armstrong
This Van Gogh painting has cool colors with light values. Lines are generally straight, although there is some movement with the gentle curves of the clouds and perspective lines in the fields. Overall, this painting has a happy, calm feeling to it.
This Van Gogh painting has darker values with contrasting warm and cool hues. There are diagonal & zigzag lines in the sky, field and birds. By using contrasting hues & values and lines that show movement, Van Gogh has created an intense painting with a lot of energy.
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