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Gifted Conference


Lacy M.

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Gifted Conference

What do Gifted
Learners Look Like Affective
Characteristics Academic
Characteristics Cognitive
Characteristics Cognitive
Characteristics What does it mean to be Gifted? Being "Gifted" means performing or demonstrating the potential for performing at significantly higher levels of accomplishment in one or more academic fields due to intellectual ability, when compared to others of similar age, experience and environment.

K.A.R. 91-40-1(cc) 5 Dimensions
Differentiation Goals Related to
the Five Dimensions Differentiation
at its best Put more depth into the curriculum through organizing the curriculum concepts and structure of knowledge.
Use many instructional techniques and materials to enhance and motivate learning styles of students.
Use products to improve the cognitive development and the students' ability to express themselves.
Enhance the comfort by changing grouping formats and physical area of environment.
Use artistic modification to share personal knowledge of topics related to curriculum as well as personal interests, collections, hobbies, and enthusiasm about issues surrounding content area. Content
Classroom environment
Teacher MK01 Differentiation - the Heart of the Matter

Cf01 A Theory of High-End Learning and Practical
Applications and Related Resources

Ct01 Creativity for a Digital Age Dispositions and
Characteristics of
the Gifted •Demonstrates very superior intellectual ability.
•Persistent intellectual curiosity.
•Exhibits high level of conceptual understanding.
•Considerable depth of knowledge in multiple areas.
•Ability to generate original ideas and solutions.
•Shows persistence in areas of interest.
•High level of critical thinking.
•High level of abstract thinking. High level of concern for world problems.
Exhibits highly developed sense of fairness.
Prefers the company/conversation of adults.
•Displays unusually high intensity and/or
depth or feeling.•
Displays uneven levels of development.
Highly self-critical Shows initiative and originality in
intellectual work.
Shows persistence in areas of academic interest. •Shows initiative and originality in intellectual work.
•Shows persistence in areas of academic interest.
1-2 Repetitions for Mastery
Constructs Abstractions
May play around yet test well
Draws inferences
Initiates projects of interest.
Manipulates information How can we address the needs of gifted learners and direct them into choices that challenge their potential? Social & Emotional Development CGO1 Bang the Drum Slowly or Dance til you Drop: Depression Anxiety and the Gifted

CG05 Counseling & Guidance: Pathway to Achievement: Using Moral/Ethical Curriculum Gifted
Functionality Counseling and Guidance Developing in a social context is a fundamental need for all human beings. Gifted students that do not have the opportunity to be around "true" peers can develop anxiety and depression. What's going on
in the internal world of the gifted? Asynchronous development; Highly intelligent yet socially, behaviorally, or physically immature
Expresses feelings of being different.
The need for downtime to integrate and orient within themselves.
The compulsion to know and create
The need for time with like-minded peers.
The need for models, resources and opportunity to consider internal issues without blame or judgement General suggestions for supporting social and emotional development Provide gifted students with opportunities to get together with other gifted students in significant social activities.
Teach students about the cycles of Friendship as well as conflict management through role play and conversation.
Teach Skills for assertiveness.
Discuss moral dilemmas that may come up in their lives and provide coping strategies
Increase emotional vocabulary and awareness through Emotional Coaching:
-Naming a feeling, Setting a behavior limit, Express what
you'd rather them do instead. Utilizing Technology to Differentiate Google Sketch-up: (create 3-D architectural plans)
PBS Wiki: (create a classroom wiki
Educreations (allows students to create their own video explanation in which they can teach others
Glogster: ( create your own blog)
Edmodo: (allows for a variety of responses, comments, and discussions
iMovie: (create video documentaries or movie trailers to extend learning of a concept) Research suggests that mentorship/
sponsorship are important to gifted individuals and can help to combat underachievement. MS09 Why the Next Einstein is Flipping Burgers, and What To Do About It: Guiding Talented Secondary Science Students By Knowing the Options

CG05 Counseling & Guidance: Pathway to Achievement: Using Moral/Ethical Curriculum to guide students who are gifted down the path of achievement - He Hit Me Back First! How can we support our
underachieving students? CS08 Differentiated Cognitive-Affective Outcomes of Gifted Students' Engagement in Inquiry-Based Learning [Symposium] Mentors provide support to help mentees keep going. In addition to providing students with content knowledge and skills, mentors can help students by providing them with practical knowledge and social discourse skills. When a student's academic performance
doesn't meet their potential
students may need support in other areas. Understanding our students better is key to determining how to meet both their academic and social-emotional needs. Providing a stimulating and supportive environment where students are free to explore and express themselves will help them to become productive members of society so that they can one day share their Gifts with the world.
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