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Obama Care: What is it?

An Analysis of The the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010

Ernest Rajakone

on 7 March 2011

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Transcript of Obama Care: What is it?

Obama Care :
What It Means For America The Solution Phase 1
(Now-2014) Phase 2
(2014-) Problem Covering the Cost 2005 - 43.6 million Americans uninsured
(Roughly 15% of Population) 2010 - Roughly 45 million uninsured
(Approximately 1 in 7 Americans) Approximately 25 million underinsured Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 Largest form of Health Care Reform in National History
Necessary and beneficial National Health Care Expenditures in 1990:
$714 billion National Health Care Expenditures in 2008:
$2.3 trillion 16.2% of National GDP Average cost per Resident:
$7,681 Increase of 4.4% since 2007 Outpaced Inflation
Outpaced National Income Growth Family Premiums in Employer-Sponsored Health Coverage
Went Up 131% Average American Paid $1000 Hidden Tax Denial of Coverage Based on Pre-Existing Conditions
Higher Premiums based on Medical History and Gender
Lifetime Limits
Cancellations of Coverage
Out of Pocket Costs ...and that was a rate slower than preceding years 1 in 5 Americans either uninsured or underinsured Limiting Premium Spending By Insurance Companies Free Services More prescription drug money for those on Medicare Those under 26 may remain on parent's plan Tax Breaks for Small Businesses Ban on Lifetime Limits Ban on turning down kids due to pre-existing conditions High-Risk Pools Expansion of Coverage
Regulation of Insurance Mandates and Financial Involvement Expansion of Medicaid Health Insurance Tax Credit Exchanges Cannot Deny Coverage or Charge More if someone is sick Requirement to have insurance $938 Billion over 10 Years 2% of Federal Budget
3% of what we would pay overall for Health Care Government Fees to Health Care Providers Pay to Insurance Compaines covering Medicare Cutting waste and fraud in Medicare and Medicaid Taxes Will save $124 Billion over 10 Years 32 Million Americans Insured
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