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Copy of The Research Process and Database Searching

In this presentation, I will discusses the process of researching a topic in stages while using library databases.

Rachel Alter

on 20 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of The Research Process and Database Searching

The Research Process The Research Process Databases The Research Process Stages Searching in Stages 1. Research is a process, not an event.... 2. That process is messy.... Question or Thesis Key Words Should people be paid when they donate organs? "organ donation"
OR pay OR money capture phrases in quotes Use truncation Boolean Boolean Broaden, Narrow, Broaden, Narrow..... Boolean=Broaden or Narrow
Subject Searching=Broaden or Narrow
Date Limit=Narrow
Field=Narrow Let's look at some databases together... Rachel Alter
ralter@baypath.edu Prezi created by Irene McGarrity
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