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The World

No description

Aaron Clifton

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of The World

"Current Events" 1300-1750
1500-1600 Renaissance and Expansion
European culture and philosophical ideas are stretching through the world!
The Transatlantic Slave Trade
In other news, the Ottomans!
Aztecs, Mayans and Incas Oh My!
Influenced by other civilizations before them! Olmecs and Zapotecs
Advancements in technology and science allow for trade to increase and for exploring the world.
2. In what ways would exploration affect World History? What places do you think were discovered?
I'm on a boat...
1. List two things you learned about the Renaissance?
Turks takeover the Byzantines!
Suleiman is organizing a massive empire...
Structured Government
Cultural Achievements
3. What makes this empire so effective?
China has a new dynasty!

Ming Dynasty 1368-1644
Material goods
Enslaved laborers
Sugar, Cotton, Tobacco
They travel around the world to show their power and prosperity!
They collect tributes from other nations...
Isolation seems to be working for China...
Zheng He
4. How can isolation be a good thing? How could it be a bad thing?
Trade system between Europe, Africa and the newly populated Americas

Made the Americas very populated and Europe rich.
1. Do you think the Atlantic trade system was
effective? How?
2. What were some of the conditions for enslaved Africans?

3. What were the goods traded between these three continents?

4. What continent do you think benefited most from this system? Why?
The Aztecs
Took after Teotihuacan and the Toltecs
Advanced with no contact from
the developed world!
The Mayans
The Incas!
250-900 CE
God-kings rule independent city states!
Religion GREATLY shaped Mayan life
1. What are two things you know or would
like to know about the New World?
2. How do you think such a civilization could fall?
Engineering pioneers. A city on water!
Advanced in math and astronomy
Religion an important part
of Aztec life.
3. Why do these religious ideas sound so different from European and Asian religions?
1200-1521 CE
Peaceful takeover of new lands
All roads lead to Cuzco...
Religion reinforces power.
5. When first discovering the New World, what would be your first impression of these civilizations?
4. How do you think this civilization was so large and successful?
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