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Guided Instruction: Cues, Prompts, and Questions

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Jessica Peters

on 19 March 2012

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Transcript of Guided Instruction: Cues, Prompts, and Questions

Guided Instruction: Cues, Prompts, and Questions
students uncover their own thinking process as they learn a new concept
an opportunity to listen to the thinking processes Misconception Analysis
teacher working with small groups
based on assessment performance
students apply what they learned from focus lessons and support from teachers
teachers use sentence or paragraph frames
the frames help internalize conventional structures What is it?
An instructional approach where small groups
of similarly performing students meet
with teacher to read new text.
How grouped?
According to instructional needs.
High school level use?
Address literary devices
Reading comprehension
Critical literacy
From "Midsummer's Night Dream", studying quotes-
Read quote
Decide who said it and to whom it was said
What it means in modern English Guided Reading Not if, but when...
Proactive vs. Reactive
Anticipate Misconceptions
Metacognitive Awareness Guided Instruction Shifts "the cognitive load...from teacher to student."
"Necessitates the use of small groups."
"Is not ability grouping." Goal: Guided Writing Think-Alouds
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