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MBA 861 Final Exam - Rockwell Baker

Rocky Baker MBA 861 Final Exam - 8 Principles of Web 2.0

Rocky Baker

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of MBA 861 Final Exam - Rockwell Baker

Web 2.0 - What is it? Web 2.0 - What defines it? Principle # 1 - Web as a Platform Web as a Platform - Examples Principle # 2 - Harnessing Collective Intelligence Harnessing Collective Intelligence - Examples Principle # 3 - Data is the Next Intel Inside Data is the Next Intel Inside - Examples Principle # 4 - End of Software Release Cycle End of Software Release Cycle - Examples Principle # 5 - Lightweight Programming Models Lightweight Programming Models - Examples Principle # 6 - Software Above the Level of a Single Device Software Above the Level of a Single Device - Examples Principle # 7 - Rich User Experience Rich User Experience - Examples What Can Web 2.0 Do For Us? -Information Sharing
-User Centered
-User Interaction

... 7 Principles Less as applications and software

More as an Interactive Operating System Then Now Then Now and the verdict is... Users generate content to create value

Users essentially create data which creates business Data as a core competency

-Owned & Able to be Enhanced
through User Interface Good Bad +Controlled Customization
+Entry Barriers -Unlimited Customization
-Pages modified beyond recognition
-Less Secure
-Became a breeding ground for predators 1.0 - Application Sales to Generate Revenue 2.0 - Service Provider to Generate Revenue Reliant on.... Application Sales Online Service -Expensive
-Online Training Only +Free Online App Capabilities
+Excel Based = Quick Learning Curve -Experts Create Data +Users Create Data http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/03/30/microsoft-encarta-dies-after-long-battle-with-wikipedia/ Link to NY Times Article *Less Programming

*More Lightweight, "Loose" Services

*Less Data to Transfer, more JAVA Before After -Slow connection
-Entire Webpage Reloads Each Click +Syndication
+Mashups *No Longer a Single App on a Single PC

*Wide Ranging

*Remote Access Then Now -Static
-Accessible only on 1 PC +Mobile
+Accessible on any Internet Connection http://www.pcworld.com/article/168309/microsoft_office_vsgoogle_docs_a_web_apps_showdown.html Docs v. Office (PC World) *Provides the User with a Wide Range of Useful Services

*One Stop Shopping - All Tasks Accomplished in One Place
http://www.cmswire.com/cms/social-media/facebook-vs-myspace-who-wins-ask-your-optometrist-003765.php FB v. MS
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