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Armstrong Indusrties

No description

Shaniya Adkins

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Armstrong Indusrties

Armstrong World Indusrties
3 Facts
Armstrong serves both the residential and commercial markets operating plants and distribution centers in eight countries with over 9,000 employees worldwide
Armstrong operates 32 plants in eight countries and has approximately 8,500 employees worldwide
The Armstrong Manor was originally purchased by Armstrong World Industries for use as a central location to house the company’s young sales trainees.
What year did the company begin?
It was established in 1860
What type of product or service does this company provide?
It is a designer and manufacturer of floors and ceiling
Why is it important to have good customer relations skills?
So people would like coming to your company and buying your products more and more. It helps you have a successful business when you have a good relation wwith the customers that come there.
Why would it be important for you to have good computer skills?
Just in case the only job open is working with computers, or if your boss put you at a computer to work instead of what you usually do just to see if your qualified.
Are there any current position openings posted on the companu website.
Yes, there are jobs open all over the world for different positions in the Armstrong Industries.
Who is the president or leader of the company?
Matthew J. Espe is the founder and CEO of Armstrong World Industries
What is the comapny headquarters facility located?
Its headquarters is located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Does the company have a mission? If so What is it?
Yes, It is Simpler, faster, better. . . together
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