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A London Thoroughfare. 2.A.M. Analysis. Presentation.

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April Gracia

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of A London Thoroughfare. 2.A.M. Analysis. Presentation.

Theme of Poem
How the poem
makes you feel

Why We Choose This Poem
Literary Devices
Tone of Poem

Type of Poem
Rhyme Scheme

How the poem makes you feel?
The theme of the poem "A London Thoroughfare. 2.A.M." is on how the poet relates to the moon as if
Literary Devices
and Tone of Poem
The poem is free verse as it is very disorganised structure.
There are punctuations scattered, as well as the many different types of environment that she describes about the city.
How does the poet use language to describe the city?
The poet used language that describes a busy and bustling city. The poet uses language like "squalid" and "sinister"to describe the dark city. And in the poet's point of view, he uses the phrase, "And this is an alien city" to show how the poet is new to the city and that she doesn't know how things run. She also uses language such as 'It is too bright. It has white lamps, and glitters coldly.' to show how busy and artifiial the city is.
Theme of Poem
'Like a slow-moving river,' is a simile.
'The city is squalid and sinister,' is a metaphor.
'Slow-moving,' is a personification.
'The moon cuts,' is a personification.
'She cannot light the city:' is a personification.
'She is thin and lustreless,' is a personification.
'And this is an alien city.' is a metaphor.
Literary Devices
The poem gives a sense of gloom as the poet vividly describes the city and her view on this "alien"-like city. However, it also gives a calming mood with phrases used, such as, 'slow-moving river' and 'I stand in the window and watch the moon.' which gives a sense of serenity. We like the poem as the poet vividly describes the city and the mixed moods the poem gives off.
The tone of this poem varies. there are parts that it is a strange calming tone, calm mood, a reassuring tone and a confusing tone. These tones made the poem sort of disorganised.
Tone of Poem
Type of Poem
There's no rhyme scheme because it is a free verse poem. The author wants to portray London as a chaotic place. The poet wrote this poem in a way that it tells us that the poet is not very happy and she wants to show the readers that London is not a really good place.
Rhyme Scheme
A London Throroughfare. 2.A.M
Made By:
Lim Jia Jing
April Gracia
Liam Kuok
Harith Liew
Class: 3ELi1
We chose this poem because our first impression of London is that it is and amazing place, although the author describes it as a dark place. The poet used dark and harsh descriptive words to describe the place. The way the author describes London makes me think twice about what I really thought of London is right.
she knows the moon but the city that she lived in, she doesn't recognize. Firstly, the quote, 'She is thin and lustreless.' then, she continued, 'But I love her.' This shows that the poet love how the moon is and she realtes to it always. Secondly, the quote, 'I know the moon,' demonstrates how she knows the moon so well that she will always talk about it. Lastly, the quote, 'And this is an alien city.' This further exemplifies that she wasn't involved in any activities around this city.
Why Do We Choose this Song and How does it relates to the poem?
We chose this song as it
tells us a lot about London
and how the poet feels the phobias and fears all the time. This song basically tells us what the poem did similarly, it is about the feeling the poet feel when she's in London and how the fear and loneliness is killing her from deep inside.
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