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Instrumental Instruction Presentation

No description

Louise Glass

on 21 June 2017

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Transcript of Instrumental Instruction Presentation

Ethics of teaching


Motivating Learners

Communicating with Parents Guardians and Employers
Current legislation including child protection (Disclosure Scotland)
Health and Safety
Your ethics are the morals you have when displaying your teaching abilities from the rights and wrongs on how you should conduct yourself as a teacher.
Responsibility and preparation

Understand everyone has a different method to the way they learn
Have a positive attitude when teaching create an inviting environment

Good presentation skills when teaching and also for you well being
Being able to understand that pupils have different opinions and views on what "Fun" means to them
Confidentiality between teachers and pupils / being able to communicate and ha
ve a foundation of trust
Inclusion is the idea that anyone should be able to take part in activities, use facilities and enjoy the same experiences equally. This includes people with special educational needs or people that may have other disadvantages
Everybody should have the Chance to participate

Equality and being able to work with different people

Be able to adapt to certain pupils needs as they may need more encouragement to include themselves in certain discussions or situations when teaching
This link above is to the Center of studies to inclusive education which states the legislation and laws of inclusion in education
Ways to motivate learners in different environments

Encouraging your pupils to do well and focus on their strengths and opportunities
Encouragement to your pupils


Recognize Achievement and improvement
Make classes more "Fun" and enjoyable for students

Setting goals/ Aiming for targets

To be able to have good communication skills and be able to discuss matters that may arise
Discuss changes / keep employers & parents up to date on progress.
Bad communication skills between teacher and pupil
Keeping track of progression

Being able to detect a matter or issues that may be on going and discuss these
To be able to identify hazards or risks that may occur in day to day environments
Make yourself and your pupils aware of health and safety and how important it is
Understand environments may not be suitable for all students you may teach
Know the difference between a hazard and a risk
Use risk assessments if you are unsure of the surroundings
Be aware of the environment your teaching in and how safe it is for teaching a class
Raise awareness / Voice your knowledge on how important health and safety is to your pupils
Make sure all electronic equipment yourself and pupils may use has been pat tested and is hazard / risk free
Health and safety at work (www.hse.gov.uk)
Disclosure Scotland allows employers to make safe choices when employing and recruiting new colleagues in the workforce. This is very important as different situations have to be considered with peoples health and disabilities

PVG scheme
(Protecting vulnerable groups )
Criminal record checks and awareness of this

Consideration process

Harmful behavior
consideration for listing
Being excluded from regulated work
How long does a PVG last ?
Ways of communicating

Calling the parent/guardian to discuss any matters
Regular parents meeting

Email / online with permission to do so in a professional mannerism
By letter if you want to organize a meeting or in general send out a letter to highlight a certain topic
Thank you for watching
Instrumental Instruction
Louise Glass

Ways of inclusion

Making sure everyone feels able to be involved in any activities or experiences that they may have the chance to take part in
Encouraging students/pupils to get involved and voice their opinion
Inclusion is important when being a teacher as you have to be aware of teaching in different environments as not all pupils converse and have the same attention span as others this may lead to you having to spend more time with pupils for them to feel as if they are getting enough guidance
Equality is very important there should be no feeling of discrimination when teaching against people beliefs or sexual orientation
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