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Poland to United Kingdom

No description

Brooke Lamberti

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Poland to United Kingdom

Train Trip Through Germany
Poland to the United Kingdom
First stop,
Krakow, Poland
Puro Hotel, Krakow Poland
10 hour 5 minute flight
*flying first class with Lufthasna Airlines
Rynek Underground
Underground museum of Krakow/Poland history
Marriott London County Hall
London, England, UK
Train Trip Through
The Netherlands
Arrive at
Traveling from London, England, UK
back to JFK Airport
*First class trip
*11 hour 35 minute flight
traveling with Swiss Airlines
Village East of Bermondesy
roasted tomato
steamed mussels
chilled grapefruit
chocolate truffles
Buckingham Palace
London in One Day Sight Seeing Tour
Tower of London
Thames River Sightseeing Cruise
Westminister Abbey
Big Ben

St. Paul's Cathedral
Changing of the Guard's Ceremony at Buckingham Palace
Leave JFK airport at 9:45am
Arrive at JFK Airport at 12:53am
Veil Chops

with capers & cottage cream
Wawel Castle
Elbe River

Rhine River
Train Trip through Belgium
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