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Integrative Thematic Unit: The Oregon Trail

A brief overview of the unit

Julia Janes

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Integrative Thematic Unit: The Oregon Trail

Juila Janes The Oregon Trail: Integrative Thematic Unit Unit Overview Introductory Lesson Three-week unit for 4th grade
Daily life on the Oregon Trail will be explored through a simulated journey on the Oregon Trail
This "Journey" will be a unit-long project including all subject areas Concept Web A way to create interest for fourth grade students in geography, history, and writing, reading, science, the arts, and technology.

Allows for very interactive, hands-on experiences such as building, creating, and relating to personal experiences. Unit Rationale Classroom Design Content Picture Book Stations and KWL "Journey Along the Trail" main project for the unit
over all three weeks 1. research a pioneer identity
2. shop for supplies
3. pack the wagon
4. experience the trail Parent Involvement Interactive Bulletin Board The New and Improved Covered Wagon "Westward Ho!" Play Students will identify problems with the original covered wagon design and brainstorm realistic solutions to the design flaw(s). Using materials that would be available during the 19th century, students will build a new and improved covered wagon. Students will read and analyze a play script about one family's experiences on the Oregon Trail. Then, they will practice and present the play to their classmates and families at the end of the unit. Final Projects
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