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Sharon Mills Draper

No description

Brett Womble

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Sharon Mills Draper

Sharon Mills Draper
"Draper, Sharon M.1948-." Something About the Author. 2009. Encyclopedia.com 5 Nov. 2013,
Questions We Were Asked
When did her first book get published?
What are the names of her books?
What was her best selling book?
Is she going to continue writing?
Why did she write Out Of My Mind?
How old is she?
When did she find out her daughter was disabled?
What books has she written?
How many books has she written?
When did she start writing books?
What is Sharon Draper's main focus?

Answers to some of the Questions
She has written 29 books with 1 coming out next year.
Some of her books are Copper Sun, Out of my Mind,and her upcoming one is Panic these are just some of her books it would take a long time to list all of them. Her bestselling book is Out of my Mind. Yes she is going to keep writing. She is 65 years old. She wrote Out of my Mind because her daughter has a disability. She a found out her daughter was disabled at birth. She started writing books after her 30 year teaching career. Her main focus is writing books for mid-aged children. Her first book,Tears of a Tiger was published in 1994.
She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio 45202. She is married to Larry E. Draper. Her children are Wendy, Damon, Crystal, and Cory. She was born August 21,1948. She has a Golden Retriever named Honey. She was a teacher before she started writing books. She was born in Cleveland. Her first book was Tears of a Tiger, and that began her writing career.
Now we all know more about Sharon Draper.
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