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Wedding Photography

No description

Marie-Claire Ashcroft

on 15 February 2014

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Transcript of Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography
...it's not all the same, you know!
Some people think wedding photography is:
Too traditional...
Old Fashioned
A day long inconvenience
Totally Intrusive
my nanny & grandpa
getting hitched in 1958
Some people think wedding photographers are:
Control Freaks
Dressed head to toe in black
This is Dave. He's not really a wedding Hitler. I just couldn't resist getting a sneaky one of him looking like one - he's actually dead nice :-)
it doesn't have to be this way!
A wedding photography experience!
There is something else!
Consider booking a...
a photographer who...
...invests in EVERY couple,
...treats them like real people, not bookings,
on one of the MOST important days of their lives
and feels privileged to be asked to share their Wedding!
"Our wedding photographs are amazing and anyone who wants THE BEST WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER needs to book you..."

Roseann & Dave, April 2013
a photographer that...
...likes to smile,
...can make their day better,
...is someone they can trust
...will be herself
...did I mention smiles?
"...You may have come along as our photographer but you left as our friend. We’ll be having a red wine and pizza in your honour later this week!!!! Thankyou sooooo much (and Mr Flashy too!!)."

Steph & Rich, April 2013
"Thanks again for a brilliant day – your bubbly approach and infectious smile put everyone at ease for their ‘photo-shoot’. The results certainly show what a stress-free experience you made it for us all!"

Ffion & Aled, July 2011
"Maz, What a fantastic day! You were an amazing help in making the wedding and celebrations such a success. It’s striking how relaxed things were – your natural sense of fun and easy going nature played a huge part in creating such a brilliant atmosphere for us all..."

Philippa & Matt, December 2012
...people want at their wedding,
So if you can imagine a photographer at your wedding that will...
make the traditional bits fun
to get pictures like this
have a joke with grandma
entertain your children
encourage bad behaviour
above all else, learn YOUR story and be able to present it as such... not as a set of formal photographs.
get involved
even get teenagers on camera
whilst getting you at your natural best
whether you like to pose
or not
"...Marie-Claire's passion, enthusiasm & fun personality combined with her exceptional talent are what gives Fluke the ability to deliver photographs which truly capture the beautiful, passionate, proud & funny moments in life for you to remember forever..."

Alice & Ernie, December 2012
"Oh Maz, not thanked you yet - it was like having a fab friend at the wedding, I didn't want you to leave. thank you for being amazing xx"

Lisa & Brian, November 2013
so, if you DO want a more traditional wedding photographer...
But if you like what you've seen here...
Fantastic Contemporary Groovy Weddings...
beautiful doesn't have to be boring!
Time for some...
Fluke Love
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