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No description

Lilybeth Arias

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of Prostitution

Gang related
Drug Addiction
No other way to move forward
Sex Addiction
Jail time up to 90 days
1,000 Fee
Go Missing
Rates of Prostitution
What is prostitution?
engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment
Age Groups
Enter from ages 13 or 14
continue to about 6 -8 years
Or get caught

Reasons Why?

Desperate needs
"How could they think my daughter is a piece of garbage" - Maria Mojica
Her Daughter Jessica Estrada has been missing for more then a year now.
Evdience show that jessica was a victim of human trafficing in other words she she was forced to prostitue herself in order to enter a "gang".
At the age 13 her daughter did drugs and entered on gangs and also had sex with other man.
Find Jessica!
( Klodoly, Carina)
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